Red Clover Level Up Music is the first Music Blog in Romania, that’s aimed at showcasing and featuring the latest and the most emerging music.
No matter the genre, country, or name!

                                 Music has no label! We LEVEL UP MUSIC!

Red Clover LEVEL UP MUSIC born out of the challenge to go beyond the classical way of doing business, to go beyond commercial music, as well as to offer to everyone the opportunity to get out of the box and make their creations public.

Already with a visible platform of over 410,000 subscribers, more than 320 million views and over 89 000 Facebook fans, we LEVEL UP MUSIC, and aim to bring to people relevant new and emerging music content and encourage the most talented artists to show up their creations.

As label, Red Clover has been successfully representing some of the most known and successful artists and singles in Romania during its 7 years of existence.
Hundreds of top songs in Romania and also abroad, make Red Clover one of the most important players within Romanian music industry. F.Charm, Miss Mary, Xonia, Delia, Sonny Flame, Alessia, Alexinno & Starchild, George Hora, Kamelia, Nane, Zhao, Maximilian, Lora, or Alex Mica are some of the artists we have been collaborating with.

In terms of style, Red Clover provides an eclectic variation of musical genres, like dance, hip-hop, house, pop, rap, trap, reggae and r&b and many more…

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Cu prietenie,

Red Clover :)